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East Trowbridge Free Schools Proposal

About the Mead Academy Trust Free School Application

The Mead Academy Trust is seizing the opportunity offered by the government’s free-school programme by applying to open the new schools that are needed in Trowbridge. The Trust has a strong track record of delivering outstanding primary education and opening new provisions. Our aim is to develop into an all-through Trust, offering all phases of a child’s education with the same ethos and commitment to excellence.
Two new primary schools and a new secondary school are needed at East Trowbridge due to significant housing growth, with the first of the primaries anticipated to open its doors in 2019. If successful in the bid our Mead ‘family’ of schools would grow to include nursery, primary, secondary and Sixth Form provision; admitting children aged three to 18.
The exact locations for the new schools have not yet been identified, but it is planned that they will be within walking distance of local homes and amenities within the Ashton Park development. Whilst offering a ‘through’ model, each school and phase would have its own character and identity. On opening each school would offer places in the year of entry, building to full numbers year on year.
The Trust is making the application as a direct response to suggestions from parents, teachers and the wider community. Our experience shows that working as a local ‘family’ of vibrant and aspirational schools brings many benefits – with the fundamental objective of providing outstanding education for all.
We are intent on ensuring a culture of high expectation and success; we encourage staff and children to aim high, valuing individuality and creativity, expecting a golden thread of excellence through every aspect of school life. We are equally passionate that children enjoy learning and have fun, and are equipped with the skills, self-discipline and confidence to thrive and succeed in life.
‘For me, the most rewarding thing will be seeing the tremendous effort we put into our primary provision followed through into the secondary phase. We will be able to ensure that our children are nurtured and sustain strong progress, ensuring continuity in learning throughout their school career.’
Lyssy Bolton (Executive Headteacher)

Our vision

It’s our aim to meet the needs of each child individually and we provide the resources and the staff to achieve this. Our dedicated team is committed to providing a wonderfully creative learning environment to fascinate every child. Our purpose is to encourage, support and develop every child so that they reach their full potential; with the expansion of The Mead Academy Trust in East Trowbridge we can extend our thread of excellence so that our provision is available to children from 3 years old all the way through to 18. We consider providing these new schools to be the next step on our journey and would love to get your thoughts on achieving our goal.

Our vision is common to all our schools, and is available to read here.


Wiltshire’s School Place Planning Strategy identifies the need for large numbers of additional school places because of significant housing development across the county. The document states “the scale of the programme of work required in order to provide school places for the houses identified in the Core Strategy should not be underestimated – 41,100 houses roughly equates to 12,500 primary and 8,400 secondary places across Wiltshire up to 2016”.

The Place Planning strategy indicates that Multi Academy Trust provision and Free schools will be promoted where appropriate, and that all school place planning decisions should promote the improvement of educational standards.

New primary schools will be provided within major housing developments with safe routes to school for pedestrians and cyclists. Additionally, secondary schools will be located where there is good safe access for those arriving by public and school transport. It is Wiltshire’s strategy that sites will be sought where the school can provide a natural focus for the local community.

There are 6975 houses identified in the Wiltshire Core Strategy to be built in Trowbridge, of which approximately 60% have yet to be completed. The main location for the housing is in the proposed Ashton Park development on the Eastern side of Trowbridge. The LA estimates primary places will be required from 2018 and Secondary places from 2020.

What is a free school?

A free school is a non-profit-making, state-funded school which is free to attend and not controlled by a local authority.  All free schools are subject to the same School Admissions Code as all other state-funded schools.

Like other types of academy, free schools are governed by non-profit charitable trusts that sign funding agreements with the Secretary of State.  Details of this funding will soon be available to view on this page.

All free schools offer a broad and balanced curriculum, are subject to the same Ofsted inspections as all other maintained schools and are expected to comply with standard performance measures.

More information

Please use the links below to access a range of documents that provide more information about our application.

Public Consultation

Would you like to comment on our plans?

We are actively seeking feedback and contributions from all members of the Trowbridge community. Please complete this form if you would like to comment on our proposal, or register an interest in receiving updates as the project progresses. Paper copies are also available from the offices of all of our schools.

Your feedback

  • If you would like to be kept up-to-date with news regarding our new schools application, please leave your details here. (We will never pass your details to third parties or use them for any other purpose.)